Shemb Shemb

She became financially independent through entrepreneurship and built a successful online food service.

Afrin Shahnaz

I am Afrin Shahnaz, the founder of Taste Kingdom. In August 2020, I was let go from my job. Although my employer committed to paying in advance for the next few months, I was worried about finding another job during the pandemic.

Before I could process the pain of losing my job, I was hit by another piece of bad news. My father-in-law had tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to the ICU. 10 days later, he passed away.


She joined Facebook groups to interact with other women entrepreneurs.

It was a scary time for all of us. A day before I lost my job, I had started a Facebook page called Taste Kingdom—an online food service specializing in baked goods. I had planned to showcase my products there, purely out of interest. But when circumstances brought me and my family down, I took the bold decision of not looking for other jobs and pouring my heart and soul into establishing this business.

She invested in building a business during a low point of her life.


When I started to populate the Facebook page, I received several requests from friends, colleagues and family members. I was delighted. The demand increased and eventually, things began looking up. In the initial phase itself, I was joined by my long-time friend, Nasrin Sultana, and that doubled my courage.

Now that I had established that Taste Kingdom offers quality products, the next step was to connect with potential customers outside of my network. I joined a few Facebook groups with women entrepreneurs and, when I began sending the images of my baked goods, I received great feedback. Thus, began my journey of growing my business using digital tools.


She believes that seeing your dreams come true makes every obstacle worthwhile.

From self-doubt to others underestimating you, there are many obstacles that one encounters when they start a new business, but the satisfaction of pursuing your dreams makes facing every obstacle worthwhile. Everyone can make it provided they believe in themselves.