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Mindy Jen transformed and expanded her bubble tea business to other markets through new innovative products during the pandemic.

Mindy Jen

I founded BOBA CHiC in 2018. For me, BOBA CHiC is my way of bringing taste into people’s lives. My belief in individuality and my passion for traditional Taiwanese tea come together in my business.


She wanted the world to taste the exquisite flavor of traditional Taiwanese teas.

At BOBA CHiC, we believe in following very strict processes. Like planting the tea leaves in our own plantations. Creating the tea in our own factory. And using the one-tip, two-leaf method of manual harvesting because we believe that the warm process of manual harvesting is what really brings out the intense flavor of Taiwanese teas.

While the world tasted her delicious bubble teas, she tasted sweet success.


Committed to making the West meet the East, I mixed the refined local taste of Taiwanese tea and boba pearls with the western flavors of milk and caramel. And it looked like the world was already waiting for these unique flavors because my products were warmly received. The business took off comfortably and everything was going well. Until the pandemic struck suddenly.


Not only did she come up with a unique solution to save her business, she even got an award for it.

The lockdown was a nightmare for the whole service industry and we were no exception. But my team and I used that time productively to think of product innovation.

We came up with a DIY (do-it-yourself) bubble tea kit and pivoted the whole business to digital. It worked! The kits became so popular that we now export to over 60 countries. And we were awarded the prestigious Silver Stevie Award for Innovation in the B2B Products & Services category.

These triumphs and milestones have made me keen to want to give back to the whole SMB community in Taiwan. I am grateful to play a part at the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs and the SheMeansBusiness program as speaker and mentor to share my learnings and experiences. After all, what better way to grow than to teach.