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From mompreneur to e-commerce guru, her online children's clothing business persevered during the pandemic.

Nadia Qamar Ali

I’m Nadia Qamar Ali and I founded Ajia Collection in 2002. I have three daughters and I have always loved sewing fancy little clothes for them. I often received many compliments for my skill with the needle whenever the girls wore my creations.


Creating outfits for her little daughters revealed her talents to both herself and to the world.

Times were tough for us financially and I really wanted to help my husband out by contributing to the expenses. At the same time, I did not want to do a 9-5 job that would force me to leave my daughters alone. I came up with two possibilities. Teaching or sewing.

At first, I decided to teach. I put in a lot of effort. I even enjoyed it for a while, but the harsh reality was that it did not pay well and ultimately, it did not solve my problem.

She took the initiative to create solutions that would uplift her family and, of course, empower herself too.


I turned my attention to sewing. I could not afford to buy fancy fabric, so I got some regular cloth from the flea market and set to work on the sewing machine my mom had gifted me. At first, I sold my creations to friends and family but what I really wanted to do was to have my own store. A physical store was out of the question because I didn’t have the capital to rent a place. I turned to online selling and realized the need for photography. Once again, I could not afford a professional photography service, so I saved up to invest in a smartphone. And soon enough, I had my own kids’ clothing store. Online.


She taught herself digital skills and went on to successfully run her online store.

The store picked up pace and I soon started receiving ample orders. Now, my business is running comfortably and I don’t even miss the presence of an offline store.

As I was in the digital space right from inception, the pandemic did not have a strong negative impact on the business. This was a real blessing and I am grateful for it. Having had no clue about the online world prior to my business, I cannot express fully the joy and pride I feel about having overcome the obstacles and being able to look after my children well.