Meet Cathy

03 March 2016

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Finding your keys to success

"When you are passionate about your work the hours fly by and it hardly seems like you are working at all. If not, it’s time to find the career you need..."

Cathy Morrissey has always been passionate about making old things new again, and she invested in property and renovated homes in her spare time. She was a successful wedding photographer until her new career path happened one day, “a little by accident”.

“In 2012 everything changed when The Renovation College was born”.

The birth of The Renovation College

Friends at a property group knew Cathy had renovated houses before as a hobby, so they asked if she could help a customer with a project. A woman needed to increase the value of her property and didn’t know how to go about it.

“Seventy-five thousand dollars profit later and a whole lot of learning about people, The Renovation College was born. Oh, did I mention that profit was made in around 30 days?”

Today, Cathy teaches people through her online school, The Renovation College, how to renovate houses for profit.

“I teach my students how to use property as a vehicle to creating a life they want, whether that’s doubling their income in a year, or considering retirement from their job.”

The eight week online course is for those who are ready to invest and learn the right mindset to become a renovator, how to research property, work out the needs and costs prior to purchasing a property.

Supporting the dream

Cathy has learned that starting a business is challenging in every possible way.

“There are often times when money is scarce, resources are low and you’re not sure how it’s all going to work. I took drastic measures and sold a home to help fund the business and moved to a different location to support my dream”.

She also believes the challenges facing female entrepreneurs are “a little more unique”, as balancing work and children is never easy.

“Women know they want to create more and leave a lasting legacy for their children but it can often be a lonely path. It’s a path divided between what they believe they can do, what they think they can afford to do, and the never-ending ‘to-do’ list at home”.

Cathy’s businesses has taken off on Facebook, and she has received over 600 leads/inquiries about courses, as well as a lot of interest from TV channels wanting to feature her and the growing business.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

“You have to do the work first… but I am living proof that if you never give up, follow a system, there are keys to success everywhere.”

To stay organised, Cathy creates a daily timetable and writes down the things she wants to achieve and the steps she’s taken to make it happen. She believes we are all our own biggest critics, and we need to be kinder to ourselves.

“You will make mistakes but take them as the lessons you needed to learn to grow. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is no growth in your comfort zone.”

Cathy encourages everyone to find the money they need to start a business.

“Hire a mentor, ladies. He/she will shave years off your learning curve and help you get the $$ in the door much faster so you can succeed.

“Learning and creating a business and life you love is possible for anyone — you have to desire it more than anything else, though.”

To learn more about The Renovation College, visit

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