Meet Grace

03 March 2016

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From dreaming to doing

"You are an intelligent woman in an incredibly affordable and automated era of business – there has never been a better time."

Grace Lever’s life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘doing’, and with this she empowers female entrepreneurs to build profitable lifestyle businesses by “getting stuff done together”.

Having successfully run six businesses in the past and currently working as the director of a digital marketing agency, Grace makes business building simple and achievable. She works exclusively with female entrepreneurs who are ready to “stop dreaming and start doing”.

Helping entrepreneurs get un-stuck

Grace runs live ‘Doing Days’ across Australia’s biggest cities, from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. She also runs The Doing Academy, an online community of committed female entrepreneurs. With many businesswomen stuck in what she calls ‘entrepreneurial Groundhog Day’, she is intent on saving the sanity of women who are feeling stuck in their business lifecycle.

“I was tired of seeing female entrepreneurs sell their lives, families and sanity to their business and being trapped in aged, manual ways of operating. I knew it was possible to build a profitable lifestyle business – I’d done it and I wanted to show others how to do it too”.

Grace’s workshops allow women to build live marketing campaigns that are ready to go within a matter of hours.

Expansion plans and three ‘smoking business guns’

Grace is currently expanding her business into the US, Canada and New Zealand. Her team is committed to seeing the company grow and impact more women across the globe.

“For me, everything changed when I discovered my BIG three business smoking guns…Facebook advertising, video marketing and automation,” she says.

“Facebook is the primary strategy for our growth and expansion, and thanks to the detail and accuracy in numbers that Facebook provides, we can be confident in the end results with every campaign we launch.”

Grace has recently built a business from nothing to six figures in just six weeks purely using Facebook Advertising.

“I’d never seen anything like this before in my years of digital marketing”.

Down time and “doing” time

Even though Grace’s business is expanding rapidly, she has set up the business to run well even when she’s not around. This gives her intentionally carved out time for date nights and family time.

“I’m a firm believer in computer-free holidays and a few times a year I take four weeks without a computer to revive, refresh and come back raring to go”.

When Grace is not on her down time, she is teaching women to ‘do’ and to grow.

“Cut the fluff, the admin and the email inbox and start doing something that will have a lasting impact on your business.”

With more female entrepreneurs than ever before, Grace believes the entrepreneurial adventure is “truly a hero’s journey” and has worked to foster a community of female entrepreneurs so “we can all support each other, grow together and share the journey”.

To learn more about Grace Lever, visit or

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