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24 January 2017

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Powering up for success

"Why would you have a job that you hate when you could have a business that you love? For me, having a business is the best feeling in the world."

When Helen Walbey’s husband was hospitalised, meaning they were unable to continue operating their snack van business, she knew that she had to find an alternative—or risk losing their home. So when she spotted a job-lot of bargain motorcycle parts on eBay, she decided to try her luck at selling them on. She made a good profit and never looked back.

Fast-forward to today and Helen is managing director of Recycle Scooters in Aberdare, south Wales, selling second-hand motorcycles and scooters, as well as second hand parts, to customers all over the world. Coming into a male-dominated industry with only limited knowledge gained from owning her own motorcycle, Helen struggled at first to be taken seriously. But she was determined. “I don’t believe in the words ‘I can’t’,” she says. “I’m a big believer in the fact that there’s always a way.”

And there was. Through sheer determination and effort, Helen has built a thriving business and earned an army of loyal customers who cite the friendly, knowledgeable service and excellent cups of tea among her business’ selling points. Helen is now focussed on growing and training her team, bringing more women into the industry and supporting female entrepreneurs in other fields. “I get so excited every day,” Helen says. “I come to work and I think, ‘we built this. All of us, we built this.”

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