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03 March 2016

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From marathon running to financial planning

"Running teaches me to be consistent. Finishing the 21st kilometre is more important than running fast for 100 metres."

Ligwina Hananto invests the same energy and dedication into building her business as she does training for half marathons. As the founder and CEO of a growing financial literacy provider QM Financial, she thinks of growing her business as a marathon rather than a sprint. And with this in mind, she continues to stay focused on taking small steps towards achieving her long-term goals.

Getting back to basics

Ligwina knows finance, thanks to her degree in commerce and a career in banking and advertising. But it wasn’t until she took some time out to focus on being a mother that she discovered another passion. She fell in love with communicating financial strategies with a wider audience and discovered that she had the ability to explain finance to people in an easy to understand way.

With the support of her husband and family, Ligwina channelled this excitement and in 2003, established a small financial planning firm, QM Financial. It is founded on the principle of Quantum Magna: from a simple action, we can have a remarkable impact.

Patience, persistence and practice

But getting out of the starting blocks proved to be challenging. At first, it was hard to find customers. Ligwina took on family members as clients, giving her the chance to refine the advice she hoped to one day provide clients. She also looked at ways to get the word out, promoting her financial advice to the listeners of her talk show ‘Financial Clinic’ on radio station Hard Rock FM.

Over time, the business has grown to have over 1,000 personal clients, as well as hundreds of small businesses and corporations. That brings a whole new set of challenges. “As the company expands, I need to grow myself to be a better leader and help transform my team,” Ligwina says. “And as digital marketing becomes more prevalent, I also need to change the way we do business”.

She also counts a supportive partnership at home as key to her success. “Your spouse is your strongest ally. I could not have made it if my husband wasn’t a modern-day dad ready to fully participate in taking care of our children”.

Far from the finish line

Looking forward, Ligwina has a clear direction in mind. While financial education will always remain the core focus for QM Financial, she is also dedicated to bringing her messages of “Finance should be practical” and “Tujuan Lo Apa?” to an even broader audience. This year, she is excited to be launching two books, Managing Money for the #Under30s and Guide for Introducing Kids to Money Management #KidsNMoney.

In addition to helping people learn about banking, Ligwina is driven by a deep love of learning herself, which has influenced her professional journey. Digital continues to be a key focus, so while she has been pleased with the results of Facebook in driving awareness, she wants to expand her Facebook ads and even use Instagram as a way to connect with clients.

Taking each small step in turn and never giving up on the race, Ligwina also hopes to inspire others to make choices that will lead them along the path to reaching their own long-term goals. “I’ve learnt from running half marathons that you need to do small steps and never quit,” she says. “Running teaches me to be consistent. Finishing the 21st kilometre is more important than running fast for 100 metres. So in business, I look to achieve long-term goals instead of winning small projects in the short-term”.

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