Meet May

11 February 2017

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A fashion house like no other

"Each day is filled with new opportunities to challenge myself, be creative and learn something new. I enjoy the satisfaction of promoting and supporting something I truly believe in. There is nothing like being successful through your own leadership, abilities, ideas, efforts and giving back to your society."

If you had asked May Bashawri what she wanted to be while growing up as a child in Saudi Arabia, you’d have got the same answer as today: a talented fashion designer with her own line of stylish clothing. The only difference these days is that May is dressing some of the world’s most fashionable and style conscious people, and not her very on trend collection of toys.

“My love for fashion started at a very early age,” says May. “I made clothes for my dolls and also drawings of clothes I imagined my mom and fashion icons wearing. As I grew up I continued to read and learn more about fashion and making clothes, and I started to design my own dresses for occasions like weddings and Eid where everyone would ask where I got them from.”

Now the proud founder and head designer of her own eponymous fashion label, May is one of those rare people who held onto their childhood dreams and made them a reality through hard work and creativity.

A hard road

Throughout her education May continued to plan her own label while also sketching and creating beautiful designs. But sensibly, she also dedicated a lot of time to learning the business side of fashion, along with website construction and distribution. “During my college years,” remembers May, “developing a collection and a business model was always lingering in my mind.

Then, after finishing her education and moving to Dubai where she became enamored with the city’s glamourous fashion scene, it was time to put all of her plans into action. “I went and registered my brand name and got a trading license,” says May. “Once I got those done I started working on my debut collection. And I also started looking into finding the best way to build my own online store. And finally marketing my line and website.”

May realised her dream and launched her first ready-to-wear line in January 2016, and she has been able to build a loyal and growing customer base thanks to her savvy use of Facebook and Instagram. “After the easy part was done, i.e. making the items! It was time to build a customer base and stand out in a flooded market, which was, and still is quite a challenge,” says May. “So I started looking for the suitable influencers to collaborate with and invested in social media campaigns doing sponsored Instagram and Facebook ads.”

Beauty for everyone

Creating beautiful items of clothing is only one of the things that May loves about owning her own business. She also relishes the fact that she gets to help other women look, feel and be their best. “The thought of creating a unique fashion line that satisfies and fulfills the needs of chic, sophisticated women drives me to work hard and establish May Bashawri’s trademark in the world of fashion.”

Fashion forwards, never backwards

May’s skill and enthusiasm for all aspects of the business she’s created is truly inspiring. It’s a childhood dream that just keeps getting better. “I have so much energy inside me that I strive to translate and bring to the world in the form of clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery,” she says. “I want to fill the world with the happy thoughts I have and see women wearing my designs feeling happy, confident and invincible.”


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