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03 March 2016

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Saying no to rejection and yes to writers

"I don’t write to-do lists, I write to-commit lists."

Aulia, who goes by Ollie, has loved writing since a young age, even illustrating and writing her own manga as a child. Her family persuaded her to pursue tech in school, but years later writing still called to her. Today, Ollie has woven passion and expertise into one, and created a tech-fueled solution for 60,000 writers and counting.

Indonesia’s first self-publishing portal, which means “writing a book”, was founded on a simple premise—anyone can be a published author and be supported by a community in their writing journey.

Today, has 60,000 members, 6,000 books uploaded and a complementary story-sharing platform,, for community feedback and collaboration. On, writers can publish their work regardless of volume and take home 60% of royalties. The business also organises writing workshops, monthly meet-ups and online competitions for the writing community.

Helping every writer be a published writer

Ollie has loved writing since a young age, but initially found herself studying and working in IT, while writing on the side. When publishers rejected her 16th book for being “too niche”, Ollie decided to do something about it.

Publishers try to pick books that sell. That made sense. But Ollie believed that every writer should have the chance to see their work in print, regardless of market potential. Knowing that many writers face a similar problem, Ollie came up with the idea to use technology to help more writers realise their goal.

From to-do lists to commit lists

With her background in IT, she’s always focused on making things better with technology. But Ollie’s other secret to success is a ruthless focus on what matters. “I don’t write to-do lists, I write to-commit lists,” she shares of her daily ritual.

Every to-commit list is reflective of her commitment only to projects that align with her values, such as the wellbeing of the community. This trickles down to everything she does.

The creative nation

Ollie’s dream is to further Indonesia’s footprint as a creative nation, where people create and produce great work. and are steps in that direction.

In the near future, she’s planning to start community centres serving as creative spaces for workshops, talks and places to hang out with fellow creative people. A place everyone will be invited to, with the free exchange of ideas—and not a single rejected manuscript.

To learn more about Nulis Buku, visit or

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