Meet Zayna

11 February 2017

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Making the right connections

"With the help of my mentor, I learned the values of rewarding myself and giving myself a guilt free break every now and then, which, by the way I still struggle with!"

Like any business founder or entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of MODE Marketing & PR, Zayna Al-Hamarneh has multiple skills and an endless supply of passion.

Founded in February, 2010, Mode is now seven years old, and Zayna is a highly successful and extremely sought after professional in Jordan and beyond. And it’s all the culmination of a lot of hard work and a powerful ambition. “It was always a dream of mine to have my own company at the age of 30,” says Zayna. “However, at 23, I was working as a project manager for 19 hours a day. I was talking to my friends about it and thought that I should start investing the same amount of time and effort on something for myself.”

Triumph through adversity

Despite her powerful work ethic and a lot of experience, Zayna encountered problems along the way. But far from stopping her, they encouraged her to move forwards with her plans. “I was approached by one of the biggest companies in Jordan to work as a consultant,” she remembers. “However, due to my age back then, being a consultant was not very acceptable and [they decided] they’d rather work with a company. So, my friend and I decided to make the jump and establish MODE Marketing and PR.” 

Building a business for life

Zayna’s enthusiasm is one of her most powerful tools, along with a vast knowledge of the industries that she helps promote. She’s also an expert on the platforms available to her clients, which include Unilever and Loacker and previously worked with Coca Cola, Breitling and Google, to name a few, and knows how to tailor the message to the medium, a skill she’s also used while building MODE. “I started promoting my company through Facebook,” says Zayna. “Those channels connected me to businesses in Jordan and around the world. It helped me grow, as well as helping my clients grow. They are by far the best marketing tools for the industries we work with. And on a personal level, it brought me back to writing which is a passion of mine since I was a child. I love microblogging and taking photos.”
Zayna’s energy has seen MODE go from strength to strength and is she is now one of the most respected businesswomen in Jordan. She is testament to the old saying that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. “I’m driven by the rush I still get from signing a new contract and seeing the feedback of our clients and their customers!” says Zayna. “It is addictive!”


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