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24 January 2017

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"In many ways, I feel like this is the start—this is where it gets serious."

Love Give Ink specialises in beautiful bespoke stationery or, as founder Martha Keith puts it, ‘paper-based gifts filled with love and personality.’ What started out as a newly-married personal tradition of giving imaginative printed gifts to her husband has now turned into a flourishing online business.

“I think that in today’s society, we’re becoming more digital, but the counterbalance to that is that people are looking to find something more tactile,” says Martha. “We want to give something that’s more personal and has more meaning.” Love Give Ink’s personalised products are definitely hitting that spot; the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Social media has helped spread the word. According to Martha, the Love Give Ink website gets the most hits from Facebook and Instagram ‘by a long, long way’.

Martha’s ambitious about taking her business to the next level and about helping other women do the same. She runs events in her south-west London community where she shares what she’s learned with local entrepreneurs. In a special digital skills workshop, for example, she shared some of the secrets to her brand’s Instagram success. “I definitely look back and think there’s just so much I didn’t know,” Martha recalls about her own business’ early days. And now, true to her brand’s name, she’s giving back.

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